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    1. Feedback
      AOL sealing industry cutting machine is mainly for automatic cutting of flexible sealing materials, including asbestos-free sheet, asbestos rubber sheet, graphite composite board, rubber, PTFE and so on. Thereasonable and advanced mechanical structure design is matched with the CAM special software developed for the sealing industry, which makes the Taipu Sealing Industry cutting machine can complete the special-shaped processing of the seal with high precision, high speed and more stable. The finished workpiece is non-serrated, burr-free and smooth. Good consistency, effectively solve the aging of the industry in the sealing industry, low production efficiency, relying on artificial experience, low material utilization rate, difficult manufacturing of special-shaped parts and non-standard specifications, chaotic file management, high product rejection rate and long lead time Such problems help customers in the sealing industry to win more market share with high quality, short production cycle and customized customer service while reducing costs and improving efficiency!
      • Processing efficiency
        Cutting speed,
        short production cycle,
        Rapid prototyping cutting
      • Cutting quality
        Slit narrow, smooth and beautiful
        cutting surface,
        No dross, no burr, high precision
      • High degree of automation
        Can achieve automatic cutting cutting,
        Nesting, numerical
        control system is simple
      • Production costs
        No mold, no tool wear,
        Material waste is reduced and labor
        costs are reduced
      • Car Interior Cutting
        1.Imported linear guide and servo motor.
        2.AOL vibration knife realize perfect cutting.
        3.It can provide a prefect set of proofing way.
        4.It can  cut  foot pad  very quickly. Increase efficiency of producing leather, sponge, fabric, etc.
        5.It can complete die cutting, indentation, moulding without knife mould, mould cutting machine. As a result, it can  save much cost of manpower, knife mould and mould machine. Carbon indentation, cutting.
        6. It can  replace professional handle design and shorten the reseaching time. Besides, it can achieve a goal of more orders with a little amount, more designs. It can provide a set of perfect plan.
      • Clothing Fabric Cutting
        1.Our production of automatic cutting machine is an intelligent fabric cutting, which device is successfully solved the traditional cutting high-technology workers cutting costs, material waste, low productivity features .
        2.Having computer typesetting automation, material saving, high cutting precision, high production efficiency, is a change in cropping history.
        3.This device uses vertical reciprocating straight knife cutting manner, specifically for cutting woven fabrics. Not only in the mechanical fully automatic control and cutting control software according to various cropping, adjusting pass sequence, cutting direction, the cutting speed and other parameters set, in order to ensure a high quality crop.
      • Acrylic Cutting Engraving
        1.Laser axe DIY min laser engraver.
        2.Equipped with 405nm 500mW blue laser moule with heatsink,can work continuously 1-2 hours.
        3.Two pieces 42mm stepper motor power drive, fast moving speed and quiet, can use it in home or office no worry about noise producing.
        4.Gantry shape design, no engraving height limitation,just put the laser machine on the items then work,fit for various working places.
        5.Low-light positioning function.
        6.Software support laser power adjusting, more laser power type can be adjusted just with this machine.
        7.Support greyscale engraving, you can do fantastic picture engraving crafts.
      • Carpet Cutting
        1. The platform detection device regulates the knife pressure automatically, enabling a level platform and perfect cutting.
        2. The high precision CNC oscillating knife leather cutting machine can induce draft separately and easily cuts small pieces.
        3. The anti-collision and the built-in auto-sensing devices ensure the security of AOL cnc oscillating knife leather cutting machine.
        4. High efficiency can be realized without making a high-cost knife model.
        5. The high precision CNC oscillating knife leather cutting machine is designed for production with small quantities and can save on costs while maintaining speed and accuracy.

      • Leather Cutting
        1.AOL vibration cutting machine adopts multiple tool heads , can be performed simultaneously vibrating knife cutting , flat knife drag cutting, creasing wheel indentation, drawing and so on. You can perform complex processing technology proofing.
        2.AOL vibration cutting machine using multiple safeguards to reduce the failure rate and mainte ncerate.The average failure rate of less than 3 times / year , and imported vibration cutting machine.Suitable sales regions remote places,you can reduce the number and cost of  vibration machine.
        3.AOL vibration cutting machine equipped with infrared security devices , can effectively protect the safety of the operator.
      • Laser Marking
        1.Professional high accurate Co2 laser marking machine For pet bottles with CE adopts an imported CO2 RF laser or a domestic CO2 laser.
        2.Imported CO2 RF laser has good mode, long working life and stable output power.
        it perfectly meets the need of continuously industrial production.
        3.Domestic CO2 laser is cheap and easy to maintain. It can replace ink coding of date,batch number and text on a variety of products.
        4.Compared with ink coding , laser marking has advantages like higher security, no pollution, no consumables, low cost and simple operation, and it is suitable for the massassembly line production.
        5.Optional lasers are available upon request.
      • Laser Cutting Engraving
        1.English version Lasercut software supporting 10 commonly used graphic formats.
        2.DSP off-line control with USB port interface.
        3.Focusing is simple by touching two button, takes only 3 seconds.
        4.All models feature a red dot alignment pointer, helping you to properly position your work under the laser head.
        5.Un-limited feed-through door , we can only add the auto-feeding system allows the use of roll material and unlimited sheet length.
        6.Exhaust fan&vacuum table, this pulls fumes and debris away from the work piece; the resulting vacuum is strong enough to straighten and flatten thin materials against the work table for cutting and engraving in good focus.
      • 3D Crystal Engraving
        1.Ecomnoic: In order to meet more customers demands, we spread this model in 2018.
        2.More wide be used: not only the glass factory, the glass shop also can Further processing.
        3.Our engineer will go to your home to install your machine, and training for you in Free.
        4.Suitable for glass/crystal subsurface engraving in large size.
        5.Refined engraving images and text.
        6.Suitable for 3D laser glass or 3D laser crystal mass production.
        7.Household appliances and art viewing.
        8.Industrial glass design.