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      Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine
      Features of it 1) The sheet metal laser cutting machine?adopts double ball screw closed-loop system which enable high processing accuracy and high working efficiency during high speed cutting. 2) Standard collocation of America IPG 1000W fiber laser generator YLS-1000, realizes low operation and maintenance cost and maximum longer-term investment returns and profits. 3) Open structure is easy and convenient for material uploading and unloading. Drawer collecting device makes receiving materials more simple.


      Sheet metal laser cutting machine series is the series that specially design for thin sheet metal cutting. Chassis, cabinet, electrical, kitchenware, office furniture, household appliances, sheet metal processing, safety cabinets, express cabinets, cabinets, decorative advertisements, etc.
      CNC fiber laser cutting machine: Suitable for stainless steel, carbon steel, silicon steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized steel, pickle plate, aluminum-plating Zinc plate, metallic copper and other metals. Specially used for cutting 0.5-30mm carbon steel sheets (pipes), 0.5-15mm stainless steel sheets, galvanized steel(pipes), electrolytic zinc-coated steel sheet(pipes), silicon steel(pipes) and other kinds of thin metal sheets and pipes. Range of pipe diameters: 20-220mm.


      Our service and patent certificate

      AOL is one of the famous professional sheet metal laser cutting machine manufacturers and suppliers in China,sheet metal laser cutting machine price is right.If you need it, please contact us.

      A. We will supply the machine with training video and user's manual in English for installing, operation, maintenance and trouble-shooting, and shall give technical guide by e-mail, fax, telephone/MSN/ICQ and so on, when you meet some problems of installation, using or adjusting.

      B. You can come to our factory for training. AOL will offer professional guide. Direct and effective face-to-face training. Here we have assembled equipments, all sorts of tools and testing facility,we will also provide accomadation during training period. Training Time: 1-10 working days.
      C.Engineers service machinery overseas.
      D.24 hours online servise.
      E.1 years warranty for the whole machine except for wearing parts.
      F.Engineers available to service machinery over seas.

      G.WIFI control function: remote diagnosis on machine and laser source problems.

      patent certificate

      Our Package Advantages:

      1. Our Wooden Case is after fumigation treatment.Needn’t timber inspection,saving shipping time.
      2. All the spare parts of the machine were bovered by some soft materials,mainly using Pearl Wool. Avoiding all damages that could happen in the delivery process.Then we’ll covered plastic wrap out it tightly,make sure intact of the covered soft materials,also avoiding Waterproof and rust proof.
      3. The outmost is Wooden Case With Fixed Formwork.
      4. The bottom of the wooden case has firm iron jack,convenient to Handling and transport.
      Package Advantages


      Question 1: I want to buy this machine,what suggestion can you give?

      Answer: Please tell me:what material do you process? What's the size of your material?
      Question 2: What's the delivery cost & time?
      Answer: Please tell me your sea port name,i check shipping cost. After production,we'll deliver ASAP.
      Question 3: Have you exported to our country?
      Answer: We have been in this field for 10 years,we have CE,ISO,FDA certificates,have exported to Europe,South America,Arab,Asia,Russia,Spain,Australia and many more countries.
      Question 4:  This is the first time I use this kind of machine, is it easy to operate?
      Answer:There are english manual or guide video that show how to use machine.
      If there is still have any question, please contact us by e-mail / skype/ phone /trademanager online service at any time.
      Question 5: If machine have any problem after I receive it, how can I do ?

      Answer:Free parts send to you in machine warranty period if machine have any problem.  If the parts less than 0.5KG, we pay the postage.

      customer testimonials



      Model AOL-G4
      Work table area 1500mm*3000mm
      Laser power 300W/500W/750W(1000W/2000W for optional)
      X/Y repeated location precision ±0.03mm
      Machine gross power <20KAV Max running speed 120m/min
      Running Temperature 0℃-40℃ X/Y location precision 0.05mm/m
      Running himidity ≤90% Power Supply 380V 50Hz
      Max accelarated speed 1.5G
      Transmitting structure Precise pinion and rack,dual-drive transmitting


      Advantages of sheet metal laser cutting machine

      1. Lower operation cost,every hour only consumed 0.5W to 1.5W electricity.
      2. High performance qualified fiber generator,which is high reliability and longevity of service.
      3. Higher cutting speed and efficient,Max cutting speed can be reach 10m/min in cutting 1mm mild steel.
      4. Free maintenance for fiber laser generator.Max life reach to more than 100000 hours.
      5. Smooth cutting surface,little deformation,pretty leveling appearance.
      6. Import transmission parts and servo motor, high dynamic movement performance, high cutting precision.
      7. Dedicated software enables graphic or text into instantly designed pr processed.

      AOL's main products include intelligent blade cutting machine, 3D crystal inner engraving machine, laser marking machine and laser fiber cutting machine. Welcome to consult!
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