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      CNC Cardboard Paper Box Cutting Machine
      AOL's CNC knife cutting machine  is your best choice for carton/box making and foams cutting. This is a multifunction cutting machine,  which integrates the functions of cnc cardboard cutting machine and paper box cutting machine. It can realizes standard cutting, V cutting, creasing, drawing and more functions. AOL machine works without die, any shape, any design can become a product in seconds. Features of CNC Cardboard Paper Box Cutting Machine 1.The CNC cardboard paper box cutting machine adopts two tool heads , can be performed simultaneously vibrating knife cutting,flat knife drag cutting, creasing wheel indentation, drawing and so on. You can perform complex processing technology proofing. 2.The machine using multiple safeguards to reduce the failure rate and mainte ncerate.The average failure rate of less than 3 times / year,and imported vibration cutting machine par.Suitable sales regions remote places , you can reduce the number and cost of vibration machine. 3.The machine equipped with infrared security devices , can effectively protect the safety of the operator.

      Application of CNC Cardboard Paper Box Cutting Machine

      AOL AOL CNC cardboard paper box cutting machine is equipped with advanced tool module quick replacement, which is strongly universal, easy, convenient and handy.

      1.Corrugated board----POP display stand, craftworks,carton---- Oscillating knife, creasing tool

      2.Honeycomb board----display stand, creative works, protective packaging---- Oscillating knife, V-cut tool

      3.Grey board----Advertising board, photo frame, storage box, creative artworks---- Oscillating knife, V-cut tool

      4.KT board----POP display stand, logo, mannequin plate, poster, photo frame---- Oscillating knife, V-cut tool

      5.PP paper----Display stand,poster,Roll upBanner,photo---- Drag tool

      6.Sticker----Logo, label---- Kiss-cut tool

      7.PVC foam board----Advertising letter, billboard,display stand, mannequin plate,logo, creative toy,model---- Drag tool, Oscillating knife, Router

      8.Acrylic----Advertising display, advertising letter, advertising lighting,furniture, sculpture, trophy,sign making, plate---- Router

      9.Car sticker----Label, sign making, banner, vinyl---- Kiss-cut tool

      10.ABS---Display stand, POP billboard---- Router

      11.Aluminum plastic plate----Display stand, sign making---- Router

      12.Fabric----AD display,flag,soft mask,light box---- Wheel-cut tool

      13.Plastic----AD display, light box, file, gift box---- Drag tool, Oscillating knife

      14.MDF----Display stand, creative works, furniture---- Router

      Type of cutter head




      Our service

      1).One year free warranty(except consumable parts), main parts are free of charge.when problems happened because of quality problem during this period.
      2).Life time free maintenance service.
      3).Consumable parts(like blade, table cover) alway supply at cost price when needed.
      4).A free operation training in our factory, and if don't have enough time, we will send a detailed training video.
      5).24 hours online service, free technical support with different languages.
      6).Door to door technical support when needed.
      If you could kindly provide us a few information, that would be very helpful for us.

      our service

      Our company

      AOL is one of the famous professional KT board corrugated board cutting machinemanufacturers and suppliers in China,KT board corrugated board cutting machine price is right.

      AOL Laser is a high-tech modern enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. Our company has successfully developed laser engraving machine, vibrating knife cutting machine and laser cutting machine series with advanced technology and professional management. We have the trust and support of users at home and abroad, high quality products and perfect service system.

      Exhibition highlights


      Parameters of CNC Cardboard Paper Box Cutting Machine

      Technical parameters / model




      Accepting special-shaped customization

      Effective working area




      Multi-head optional

      Double head optional efficiency doubled, double gantry optional, double head mutual shift optional, length can be customized

      Multi-function tool

      Vibrating knife full cutting, high power active round knife, semi-cutting cutting, full cutting cutting, camera positioning cutting, edge finding cutting, acrylic milling cutter, cursor positioning, line marking, indentation knife, V-groove knife, etc.

      safety devices

      Infrared sensing, safe and reliable

      Cutting speed


      Cutting thickness

      ≤50mm Other thicknesses can be customized according to the material

      Applicable materials

      Various KT boards, Chevron boards, honeycomb boards, car stickers, adhesives, photo frame paper, gray board paper, corrugated paper, EPE foam, PVC board, acrylic sheet, thick foam, etc.

      Material fixing method

      Vacuum partition adsorption

      Transmission port

      Network port

      Transmission system

      Yaskawa servo motor, linear linear guide, timing belt, lead screw

      rated power


      Rated voltage


      Control System

      Chinese and English LCD touch screen

      Operating environment

      Temperature 0-40°C Humidity 20%-80%RH


      Automatic nesting software, camera positioning, large format camera system

      Support file format

      AI、PLT、DXF、CDR etc.



      1.Input the version file into computer, it can work direct, without open mold.
      2.All the procession just need one person, cut the cost and improve the competitiveness of products.
      3.High precision cutting, make sure the quailty and reduce wastage by manual cutting.
      4.During the procession, without any pollution(like harm air).

      AOL's main products include intelligent blade cutting machine, 3D crystal inner engraving machine, laser marking machine and laser fiber cutting machine. Welcome to consult!
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