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      Automatic Leather Cutting Machine
      The cutting systems of the AOL are designed to fit medium and large sized hides while still being space friendly. The available dimensions  range from the compact 3.2m (width) per 1.6m (lenght) to the huge 6.2m per 2.25m. Automatic leather cutting machine use the wear-proof single piece base, it is made out of cellular steel, to considerably reduce the effect of vibrations, which could ensure higher cutting standards. Industrial leather cutting machine with a perfect cutting quality, even on small pieces or stylish details is ensured by a powerful vacuum . System on up to 32 sectors is automatically focused where the cnc vibration knife cutting head is operating.

      Application of automatic leather cutting machine

      CNC oscillating knife leather cutting machine can cut can cut fabric, leather, cardboard, plastic, paper, rubber, EVA foam, and it can cut many types of foam, such as closed cell foam, rubber foam, foamex, foam core, KT board, EPE foam, polyethylene foam, PE foam, PVC foam, etc. It's widely used for packaging protection, advertising display, termal insulation, model & mock up making, puzzle and pattern cutting, etc.

      Cutting Video

      Product Details Display

      Guarantee & after-sales service

      1.Guarantee for 1 year.
      2.We will provide the consumable parts at an agency price.
      3.24 hours online service, free technical support.
      4.Machine has been adjusted before delivery, operation disk is included in the delivery. If there is  any other questions, pls kindly tell me.

      5.We have manual instruction and CD (Guiding Videos) for software Installation, operation and machine's using and maintenance.

      Product packaging


      1. Are you a trading company or a factory?
      We are manufacturers.

      2. When can we arrange shipment?
      We usually arrange shipment within 15 days after getting deposit, but customized machines should be more than 25 days.

      3. Do you provide equipment operation training after sale?
      Yes. We can send professional engineers to the working site for equipment installation, adjustment, and operation training. All of our engineers have passport.

      4. Can you customize the machine according to my request?
      Yes. We have experienced engineers and technical team, can provide personalized service.

      About AOL



      Technical parameters / model




      Accept special model customization

      Effective working area




      Multi-head optional

      Double head optional efficiency doubled, double gantry optional, double head mutual shift optional, length can be customized

      Multi-function tool

      Vibrating knife full cutting, high power active round knife, punching tool, pneumatic knife, multi-layer knife

      safety devices

      Safety devices use infrared sensing, safe and reliable

      Cutting speed


      Cutting thickness

      ≤50mm Other thicknesses can be customized according to the material

      Applicable materials

      cotton, linen, silk, blends, fibers, leather, wool, modal

      Material fixing method

      Vacuum partition adsorption

      Transmission port

      Network port

      Transmission system

      Yaskawa servo motor, linear linear guide, timing belt, lead screw

      rated power


      Rated voltage

      380V±10%/220V±10% Optional

      Control System

      Chinese and English LCD touch screen

      Operating environment

      Operating environment Temperature 0-40°C Humidity 20%-80%RH


      Automatic nesting software, template entry software(Optional)

      Support file format


      Overall size





      Advantage of automatic leather cutting machine

      1. The platform detection device regulates the knife pressure automatically, enabling a level platform and perfect cutting.

      2. The high precision CNC oscillating knife leather cutting machine can induce draft separately and easily cuts small pieces.
      3. The anti-collision and the built-in auto-sensing devices ensure the security of cnc oscillating knife leather cutting machine.
      4. High efficiency can be realized without making a high-cost knife model.
      5. The high precision CNC oscillating knife leather cutting machine is designed for production with small quantities and can save on costs while maintaining speed and accuracy.
      AOL's main products include intelligent blade cutting machine, 3D crystal inner engraving machine, laser marking machine and laser fiber cutting machine. Welcome to consult!
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