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      CNC Paper Cutting Machine
      AOL-6040 CNC paper cutting machine adopts fully automatic vacuum chuck and automatic lifting and feeding platform.Equipped with 3 tools, 1 knife for cutting ,1 knife for kisscut and creasing wheel is also included. It can quickly and precisely make through cutting,half cutting,creasing and marking.Besides, the machine has CCD camera, which highly improve cutting accuracy, It is a cost-effective smart equipment that meets  all your creative processing.

      Cutting Video:

      Applicable material of CNC paper cutting machine:

      AOL-6040  machine is widely used in packaging and signs, including, paper, board, sticker, vinyl and so on. It is the key equipment for small volume production and sample making. This machine provides perfect solutions for printing.

      Cutting Material Display

      Machine details

      1. CCD Sensor Auto Positioning, The camera automatically patrols the edge and cuts at high speed;

      2. Pneumatic automatic paper feeding system, stacking up to 600 sheets;

      3. Scanning speed 5-10 seconds; Paper feeding speed up to 12 pieces / minute;

      4. Aviation aluminum alloy vacuum adsorption platform with sturdy heat insulation anti-corrosion, a wider range of cutting materials;

      5. The independent research and development in CAM software, digitally use software to compensate and optimize the path, in order to improve the production efficiency.

      Machine details

      Technical parameters 0604PAS
      Effective working area 600*400mm
      Multi-function cutting head The combination of Multi-function cutting head and holders, be with full cut, kisscut, creasing wheel,v-cut and laser red light positioning functions, CCD positioning, Camera extract large contour to cut
      Tools Universal Drawing Tool, Creasing Wheel Tool
      Overall size 2420*970*1280mm  L'W'H
      Moving speed 800-1500mm/s
      Repeat precIsion ±0.05mm
      Interface Enternet port
      Control panel LCD touch screen
      Drive system Imported servo motor, linear guid, synchronous belt, screw
      Cutting material Paperboard, grey board, KT board, pvc foam board, honeycomb board, car sticker, lamp piece, PP Adhesive material, printing cloth, banner cloth, all kinds of corrugated board, EPE foam, EVA, PVC board, acrylic board, thick foam and so on
      Instruction system HP- GL Compatible format
      Rated power 2. 2KW
      Rated voltage 220V
      Cutting thickness ≤50mm(According to different material)
      Material fixed way Vacuum adsorption
      Auto feeding system Acuum sucker adsorpting sheet
      1. High frequency electric oscillating/vibration knife: There would be much more cutting material and cutting thickness to meet different demands of customers.
      2. Integration of intelligent cutting/ indentation/drawing –meet your whole trip of creative processing: cutting labels at all shapes, cutting and indentation of carton in all shapes.
      3. Precise auto-positioning system: Equipped with HD CCD camera, it could achieve the precise auto-positioning of all materials and the automatic registering, which solves the imprecise manual positioning and the deforming printing, so as to reach the simple and precise cutting.
      4. Barcode management system: Scan the barcode to read the cutting task rapidly.
      5. Automatic feeding system: Automatic feeding system to make the cutting more efficient.
      AOL's main products include intelligent blade cutting machine, 3D crystal inner engraving machine, laser marking machine and laser fiber cutting machine. Welcome to consult!
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