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      Digital Cardboard Cutting Machine
      Fast and precise, AOL digital cardboard cutting machine also named corrugated box making machine, which can process all the packaging materials. You can use this CNC cardboard cutter cut thismaterials: corrugated cardboard, Honeycomb panel,labels, paper,  carton, or tradeshow exhibits. Only the most creative digital knife cutter will get through to the customer. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the graphicsand packing industry. Fast and precis makes the need for innovative cutting solutions even more pressing. AOL corrugated cardboard cutter cutting machine in combination with the optical recognition software system, the best possible cutting performance will be achieved, we will give you the perfect result.

      Cutting Video of AOL digital cardboard cutting machine

      Applicable material:

      AOL CNC corrugated cardboard cutting machine is widely used in packaging and signs, including, paper, board, sticker, vinyl and so on. It is the key equipment for small volume production and sample making. This commercial digital cutting machine provides perfect solutions for printing.

      cardboard cutting machine for sale

      There are many series of industrial cardboard cutting machines on sale, please leave a message for specific prices.

      Technical parameters 1625PAS
      Effective working area 1600*2500mm
      Multi-function cutting head The combination of Multi-function cutting head and holders, be with full cut, kisscut, creasing wheel,v-cut and laser red light positioning functions, CCD positioning, Camera extract large contour to cut
      Tools Universal Drawing Tool, Creasing Wheel Tool
      Moving speed 800-1500mm/s
      Repeat precIsion ±0.05mm
      Interface Enternet port
      Control panel LCD touch screen
      Drive system Imported servo motor, linear guid, synchronous belt, screw
      Cutting material Paperboard, grey board, KT board, pvc foam board, honeycomb board, car sticker, lamp piece, PP Adhesive material, printing cloth, banner cloth, all kinds of corrugated board, EPE foam, EVA, PVC board, acrylic board, thick foam and so on
      Instruction system HP- GL Compatible format
      Rated power 2. 2KW
      Rated voltage 220V
      Cutting thickness ≤50mm(According to different material)
      Material fixed way Vacuum adsorption
      Auto feeding system Acuum sucker adsorpting sheet

      Advantage of AOL digital cardboard cutting machine

      1. CCD Sensor Auto Positioning, The camera automatically patrols the edge and cuts at high speed;

      2. Pneumatic automatic paper feeding system, stacking up to 600 sheets;

      3. Aviation aluminum alloy vacuum adsorption platform with sturdy heat insulation anti-corrosion, a wider range of cutting materials;

      4. Optional blade suits various media cutting demands;

      5. Digital Servo system, more accurate, more stable, lower noise.
      AOL's main products include intelligent blade cutting machine, 3D crystal inner engraving machine, laser marking machine and laser fiber cutting machine. Welcome to consult!
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