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      Packaging Industry Cutter
      The digital cardboard cutting machine produced by AOL, also named CNC paper cutting machine, which has different series and models for sale. The digital cutting plotter suitable for the packaging industry include:Automatic Hardboard Cutting Machine, carton box sample cutting machine, Automatic corrugated box making machine, corrugated cardboard cutting machineetc. Every AOL cutting and creasing tool has been industry-proven for all commonly used packaging materials, convert your ideas into reality, and present your customers with proposed designs in seconds! The powerful, vacuum capability, and the strength of their structure and tools allow an accurate processing of materials up to 110 mm thick, while the systems modularity permits 45° cutting, kiss-cutting and creasing. AOL commercial digital industrial cardboard cutting machine with best price is your best choice for packaging.
      Digital Cardboard Cutting Machine
      Fast and precise, AOL digital cardboard cutting machine also named corrugated box making machine, which can process all the packaging materials. You can use cnc cardboard cutting machine to cut this materials: corrugated cardboard, Honeycomb panel,labels, paper, carton, or tradeshow exhibits. Only the most creative digital knife cutter will get through to the customer. AOL digital cutting machine is your best choice for packaging.
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      CNC Paper Cutting Machine
      AOL-6040 card board digital cutter adopts fully automatic vacuum chuck and automatic lifting and feeding platform.Equipped with 3 tools, 1 knife for cutting ,1 knife for kisscut and creasing wheel is also included.
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      Automatic Hardboard Cutting Machine
      Advantages(1).Cutting function of oscillation toolIt can cut many different materials (such as corrugated paper, cardboard, offset paper, grey board, rubber,honeycomb board, PP,PE,PVC, gasket, leather ,carpet and mat )...
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      Packaging Carton Foam Cutting Machine
      1.Our packaging carton foam cutting machine design engineers have specified heavy duty precision fabricated and machined structures combined. 2.With twin hardened and ground linear bearings in all axes, powerful digital drives and precision transmissions.
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