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      Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
      AOL fiber laser cutting machine fully enclosed protection design improves the safety of use. Equipped with smoke purification system to avoid environmental pollution and protect the health of operators In line with EU and ISO double standard certification, bed weight up to 10 tons,It can make the machine more stable when moving at high speed
      Fiber Laser Cutter And Engraver
      1) High cutting efficiency, high cost performance. 2) Low running cost and free optical path maintenance. 3) Small occupation, compact integration.
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      Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine
      1) The sheet metal laser cutting machine adopts double ball screw closed-loop system which enable high processing accuracy and high working efficiency during high speed cutting. 2) Standard collocation of America IPG 1000W fiber laser generator YLS-1000, realizes low operation and maintenance cost and maximum longer-term investment returns and profits.
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      Metal Steel Sheet Cutting Machine
      1) Stable machine's quality(1-year warranty),with comprehensive cutting applications(both able to cut stainless steel,carbon steel,arcylic,etc. metal and non-metals). 2) Lower investment cost,lower operating cost and lower maintance cost. 3) Non-contact height-adjusting configuration enables to cut almost all materials with lowest cost.
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