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      Composite Material Cutter
      The carbon fiber cutting machine produced by AOL is specially developed for the composite material industry. In the field of digital knife cutting machines, the digital carbon fiber cutting machine, CNC prepreg cutting machine, which are at the leading level in the industry. AOL has developed composite material cutting system, to cut single-ply and few-plymaterial independently. It adopts advancedcontrol system, imported milling cutters, which is with high cutting speed, high-precision, strong stability. Standardized and open interfaces allow for integration in any carbon fiber cutting service. Renowned companies in aviation, shipbuilding, sport, medical items, defense items, and automotive fields already rely on the high-performance process technology. AOL carbon fiber sheet cutting machine for sale, And provide the best technical services, meets your needs.
      Digital Carbon Fiber Cutting Machine
      AOL carbon fiber cutting machine offers customized systems to cut and mill carbon fiber, rubber, foam, polycarbonate, Plexiglas, PTFE, PVC and many other materials. The tangential knife cutting tools, offer smooth, precision cutting of materials such as PVC, polypropylene, while our powerful router is perfect for cutting acrylics and other tougher substrates. 1.The carbon fiber cutter table length break through the traditional limit, transport and installation is much easier. 2.Full automatical feeding with the function of automatic rectifying voluntarily, reduce labour, increase efficiency. 3.No need to open grinding die tools. Meet the needs of small batch customization customers
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      Fiberglass Cutting Machine
      AOL fiberglass Cutting Machine can offer you a modular, flexible, cost-effective expandable cutting system for processing various materials with impeccable precision. Input the version file into computer, fiberglass cutter table can work direct, without open mold. Operate this fiberglass cutter tool, all the procession just need one person, cut the cost and improve the competitiveness of products.
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      Digital Cutting Machine for PET Acoustic Board Panels
      Digital acoustic board cutting machine also named acoustic panel CNC cutter, or automatic acoustic PET flatbed cutter.We recommend the use of electric oscillating Tool for cutting acoustic panel. The oscillating knife tool is super suitable for cutting the material of medium density.Coordinated with various kinds of blades, applied for cutting different materials Features of digital acoustic board cutting machine: 1.Table length break through the traditional limit,transport and installation is much easier. 2.Full automatical feeding with the function of automatic rectifying voluntarily, reduce labour, increase efficiency.
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      CNC Foam Rubber Board Cutting Machine
      AOL upgraded the technology of CNC foam cutting machine in 2020. Subdivided many models, like eva foam mat cutting machine, pvc foam board cutting machine, foam rubber cutting machine. Thanks to their particular structure as well as to their physical and mechanical features, such as lightness, ductility and thermal-acoustic insulation, foams are widely used in many sectors, such as packaging, furniture, building, automotive, shipbuilding, aerospace and filtering. Thanks to its constant search combined with its ten-year experience in this sector, AOL offers products to cut and mill any kind of foam, both low and high density, foam cutting plotter can cut up to 110 mm thick.
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      Plastic Composite Mat Board Cutting Machine
      Features Of Plastic Composite Mat Board Cutting Machine1.Imported linear guide and servo motor.2.AOL vibration knife realize perfect cutting. 3.It can provide a prefect set of proofing way.
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