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      Advertising Printing Cutter
      AOL digital foam board cutting machine and software combine, mainly focuses on post-processing in advertising industry, and provides an intelligent cutting planto form the perfect advertising production systems. The series of digital cutting machine for advertising industry are digital paper foam board cutting machine, sample carton box cutting machine, cnc paper cutting machine, plastic letters cutting machine, electric logan foam board cutter, cnc foam board cutter michaels. The foam board cutting machine can be installed with different knives according to the material selection. In the advertising industry, the materials that can be cut include stickers, cardboard, coated paper, KT board, foam board, acrylic board, thin plastic, textile cloth, flags, etc. Digital foam board cutting machine and carton box cutting machine for sale at the best price, welcome Inquiry.
      Digital Paper Foam Board Cutting Machine
      AOL CNC Foam board paper cutting machine, mainly focuses on post-processing in advertising industry, and provides an intelligent cutting planto form the perfect advertising production systems. Digital cutting machine can cut these materials:Paper, foam board, cardboard, plastic letters, corrugated box, etc.
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      CNC Carton Box Sample Cutting Machine
      CNC carton cutter machine also named carton box sample cutting machine, is suitable for the die pattern's design and manufacturing in the packing, sticker, artwork, and color box industries. AOL-PAS automatic intelligent cutting system adopts fully automatic vacuum chuck and automatic lifting and feeding platform. Equipped with 3 tools, 1 knife for cutting ,1 knife for kisscut and creasing wheel is also included. It can quickly and precisely make through cutting,half cutting,creasing and marking. Besides, CNC carton box sample cutting machine has CCD camrea, which highly improve cutting accuracy, It is a cost-effective smart equipment that meets all your creative processing. AOL CNC carton cutter machine is widely used in packaging and signs, including, paper, board, sticker, vinyl and so on. CNC carton box sample cutting machine is the key equipment for small volume production and sample making. AOL digital cutting machine for sale provides perfect solutions for printing industry. Our products and service are approved by countries and regions such as Europe, United States, South Korea, Russia, Middle East....
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      Automatic Corrugated Box Making Machine
      AOL’s automated corrugated box making machines are designed to create custom on demand boxes, while the systems modularity permits 45° cutting, kiss-cutting and creasing. Full modular combination:Oscillting tool+Milling tool can be swithched and cut hard and soft material freely.Reduce corrugated box making price.
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      CNC Cardboard Paper Box Cutting Machine
      AOL's CNC knife cutting machine is your best choice for carton/box making and foams cutting. This is a multifunction cutting machine, which integrates the functions of cnc cardboard cutting machine and paper box cutting machine. It can realizes standard cutting, V cutting, creasing, drawing and more functions. AOL machine works without die, any shape, any design can become a product in seconds.
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