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      Printing Solutions Digital Cutting Machine
      PUBLISHED : 2020-03-07
      With the change of consumers' aesthetic concepts, the design and production of packaging boxes are required to keep pace with the times, and the concept of creative packaging boxes is no longer new. How to make creative packaging boxes? Jinan AOL launches 0604PAS serial digital cutting plotter, mainly focuses on post-processing in advertising industry, and provides an intelligent cutting planto form the perfect advertising production systems.
      Cutting Sample Display
      Advantages of printing solutions digital cutting machine:
      1. Scanning speed 5-10 seconds; Paper feeding speed up to 12 pieces / minute;

      2. Optional blade suits various media cutting demands.

      3. Digital Servo system, more accurate, more stable, lower noise;

      4. The independent research and development in CAM software, digitally use software to compensate and optimize the path, in order to improve the production efficiency.
      printing solutions digital cutting machine

      To learn more about digital cutting plotter, please contact us.

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